7 Benefits of Obtaining Citizenship in Italy

Updated on Thursday 14th January 2021

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7 Benefits of Obtaining Citizenship in Italy Image
Italy is an appealing country to move to, not only for being one of the most beautiful countries in Europe but for more functional reasons, such as access to the European Union in terms of the labor market for some and business for others. Obtaining Italian citizenship comes to various advantages, one of the most important being the possibility of moving to one of the most prosperous countries in Europe from an economic point of view. Italy also opens the doors to those who want to work in the European Union.

There are many reasons why obtaining Italian citizenship is beneficial and our immigration lawyers will expose 7 of these reasons below. We can help those interested in immigrating to Italy in successfully applying for various types of visas for Italy, depending on their situations. The most popular visa is the residence permit in Italy.

The main benefits of Italian citizenship

Here are the 7 most important benefits of obtaining Italian citizenship:
  1. the possibility of working in Italy and the other 27 member states of the European Union;
  2. the possibility of studying in Italy, but also in other EU member states of the EU;
  3. the access to buying real estate in Italy based on the golden visa program or simple acquisition of citizenship;
  4. dual citizenship is also possible for those who want to retain their initial citizenship;
  5. the possibility of starting a business as an Italian citizen and obtaining various tax benefits;
  6. access to moving freely across Europe (the European Union and Schengen area);
  7. access to educational services and to the national healthcare system in Italy.

If you need information on the main ways in which you can access Italian citizenship, our immigration lawyers are at your disposal with complete information and assistance.

1. Work and live in Italy

The most important benefit of obtaining Italian citizenship is the possibility of living and working in Italy stress-free. Once you become an Italian citizen, you will no longer need to think about visa renewal periods. Also, Italian citizenship grants access to all other EU member states.

2. Study in Italy

Non-EU citizens who move to Italy based on a study visa can remain here after finishing their studies. We mention this as a benefit of obtaining Italian citizenship because Italy is the only EU state which offers the right to convert a student visa into an employment residence permit.

If you plan on immigrating to Italy based on a student visa, our lawyers can help you.

3. Access to real estate ownership

The possibility of buying and owning a property in Italy is one of the major benefits of Italian citizenship and even if this is possible through the residence by investment scheme for non-EU citizens, it implies the obligation of purchasing a property of a specific value, however, being an Italian citizen when starting the acquisition procedure will no longer imply such a requirement. Before being granted citizenship, you will be first provided with a  residence permit in Italy.

4. Dual citizenship

For the citizens of certain countries, dual citizenship is possible even after obtaining an Italian passport. This will bring them rights in both countries. If you need information on dual citizenship matters, our immigration lawyers in Italy can guide you.

We offer various expat services to our clients, so you can reach out if you have any questions or unclarities related to Italy immigration. We will also answer your questions on Italian citizenship.

5. Start a business and obtain tax benefits

Entrepreneurship is one of the most important advantages of obtaining citizenship in Italy, as it is easier to start a company as a citizen of this country. Apart from this, you will be able to access various tax benefits.

6. Freedom of movement

As an Italian citizen, you will be allowed to travel freely to all European and Schengen area countries. This a great benefit from non-EU citizens choosing to apply for citizenship in Italy. Our lawyers can explain all the requirements for non-EU citizens who want to immigrate to Italy and obtain citizenship.

Italian citizenship is one of the main goals of foreigners who move here.

7. Access to good education and healthcare

Italy has some of the best education and healthcare systems in Europe and all its citizens have access to them. This is also a right automatically acquired once a foreigner becomes an Italian citizen. Also, you will obtain voting rights once you are a citizen of Italy.

According to a survey published by the European Commission in March 2019:
  • 4.4 million people immigrated to one of the EU states during 2017;
  • out of these 4.4 million persons, approximately 2 million were non-EU citizens, while 1,3 million were EU citizens moving from one country to another;
  • out of all these immigrants, Italy welcomed a total of 343,000 individuals;
  • among the 343,000 immigrants, 240,000 were non-EU citizens.

For more information on the reasons to immigrate to Italy and benefits of obtaining citizenship, please contact us.