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Updated on Wednesday 26th September 2018

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With offices in Rome, Milan, and Palermo, the lawyers at Lexia Avvocati are specialized in a wide range of legal services, among which immigration is one of the most important.

We offer legal assistance to foreign citizens from both EU and non-EU states to move to Italy for various purposes. We can help with:

  •           immigration for business purposes;
  •           immigration for work purposes;
  •           assistance in asylum cases;
  •           assistance in applying for residence permits;
  •           assistance in obtaining various types of visas.

Maria Teresa VanacorePlease feel free to reach us and present us your case for the best representation. Maria Teresa Vanacore is the head of LEXIA Avvocati immigration practice. Specializing in immigration law, she practices law in both contentious and non-contentious matters, providing advice in the fields of citizenship rights, mobility and stay of European and foreign citizens within the Shengen area. In her professional experience she has specialized in the legal aspects of the entry rights of foreign citizens already carrying out or willing to carry out, individually or in a corporate form, business activity in Italy. She has previously worked for some leading Italian law firms. She speaks Italian and English. 

Assistance in corporate immigration in Italy

Our team of immigration lawyers in Italy are specialized in corporate immigration matters, which a specific focus on the following:

  •           helping foreign investors who want to open companies in Italy;
  •           helping foreign companies who want to employ Italian residents and citizens;
  •           helping foreign companies to set up operations in Italy and hire foreign staff;
  •           helping local companies seeking to hire foreigners from EU and non-EU states;
  •           helping self-employed individuals in visa-related matters.

We invite you to contact us for detailed information on the immigration services we provide in Italy.

Why work with Italy immigration lawyers?

There are many reasons why foreign citizens should choose to work with us. We will handle your case from the first contact you make with us and up to the point where all the paperwork has been issued to them.

Even if the process related to immigration to Italy is not complicated, it still requires a lot of attention and legal advice in order to not deal with any setbacks. With Lexia Avvocati, foreign citizens need not worry about any paperwork the authorities might ask for, as we will explain all the requirements. Also, our clients can grant us power of attorney in order to not have any problems related to representation before the authorities.

Once the immigration process has concluded, we can still guide our clients through other visa-related matters, as we want to be reliable partners and continue our relation to the people who come in contact with us.

Please feel free to contact us and get a personalized consultation today!