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Updated on Thursday 14th January 2021

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Many foreign citizens choose to immigrate to Italy every year. The relocation procedure depends primarily on the reasons for which the foreign citizen decides to move here, but also on the nationality of the applicant. This is why the immigration procedure must be carefully verified and inquired with specialists in immigration matters in Italy.

With a vast experience in all types of immigration matters, our lawyers in Italy can provide expat support to those who want to relocate to this country based on a personalized consultation. We can also offer information about obtaining a golden visa for Italy.

Choosing the right type of Italian visa

When deciding to move to Italy, the first thing to do is to research the types of visas available. These are categorized as short-time, long-time, and permanent residence visas, however, the conditions imposed for each category of permits depends on the nationality of the applicant.

There are specific laws and protocols signed by the Italian government with almost every country in this world, which is why researching the type of visa for a national of a specific country can take a lot of time and be tiring. This is where our immigration specialists can offer expat support to those interested in moving to Italy.

If you are wondering what type of visa you can apply for, our immigration lawyers in Italy have prepared a short guide, among which they included:
  •           the tourist visa, the business visa, the visa for medical care which are short-term visas;
  •           the student visa and the work permit which allow for living in Italy for a maximum of 2 years;
  •           long-term resident permits which have the same 2-year validity period and can be renewed;
  •           permanent residence permits which are granted after 5 years of living in Italy and can lead to obtaining an Italian passport.

The documents which need to be prepared for any of the above-mentioned types of visas can be explained by our Italian immigration lawyers based on a thorough analysis of the candidate’s file and type of visa he or she wants to apply for.

You can also count on us if you want to obtain Italian citizenship.

Special types of visas for Italy

The Italian government has taken many measures to attract foreign citizens interested in investing here. For this reason, entrepreneur visas and investment residency programs have been created. These schemes have had an important and positive impact on the Italian economy, and this is why they have been improved over the years.

The entrepreneur residence permit is one of the most popular types of Italian visas which is granted to those interested in opening their own companies in Italy with minimum investment. However, they must have specific qualifications and a constant workload in order to obtain it.

There is also the Golden Visa Program for those interested in making more important investments in this country. This scheme will also provide for more benefits for those who immigrate to Italy, among them the possibility of owning a property in this country.

Given the more stringent requirements for any of these programs, expat support is definitely recommended in order to ensure a successful immigration process, and our Italian lawyers can help you. They will also guide in order to obtain Italian citizenship.

Why choose the expat support services offered by our lawyers in Italy

With a vast knowledge and years of experience in immigration matters, our lawyers in Italy can offer the necessary support for those interested in immigrating to Italy from various countries. You can reach out to us from the moment you decide to relocate and obtain a residence permit in Italy if you have any questions related to visas, residence permits, citizenship or documents needed for a speedy relocation procedure.

Our expat support services include the following:
  •           taking your case from the very beginning and going through every point of the immigration process;
  •           support in preparing the documents needed to be filed with the Italian authorities;
  •           guidance in contacting the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your home country, if required;
  •           filing the immigration papers and overseeing the ongoing procedure for immigration;
  •           guidance in registering with the police department once you have arrived in Italy.

We will make sure to provide quick and to the point answers to any question you might have.

We remind that the citizens of each country must go through specific phases when relocating to Italy and this is why it is very important for the expat support to be tailored to the particulars of each applicant. Our immigration lawyers in Italy treat every case individually and thus ensuring a suitable outcome, including when requesting a residence permit in Italy.

Please contact us if you want to talk about your immigration plans to Italy and find out the best solution for you. We can assist in obtaining various types of visas for Italy.