Expat Support for Immigrating to Italy

Updated on Tuesday 22nd October 2019

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The number of foreign citizens immigrating to Italy has increased at a steady pace in the past few years as the government has relaxed immigration policies and offers various possibilities in terms of visas that can be obtained. However, these possibilities can be confusing for those who apply for an Italian visa for the first time.

With a vast experience in immigration matters, our lawyers in Italy offer expat support to everyone who wants to relocate to this country. Our expat support for immigration to Italy is based on the needs of the applicants and can be obtained fast and easy. We invite you to read below how you can obtain support in immigrating to Italy.

How can our immigration lawyers in Italy help you?

Immigrating to Italy can be difficult without specialized help, which is why our immigration lawyers have developed expat support services that ease the entire relocation process. Our team has years of experience which recommend them for individuals from all countries seeking to move to Italy for various reasons.

Who can access our expat support services for immigrating to Italy?

Our services are tailored to fit every immigrant’s needs, which is why can help the following categories of persons seeking to immigrate to Italy:
  1. foreign citizens from EU countries who want to start their own businesses or work in Italy;
  2. non-EU citizens who want to move to Italy for employment reasons and need to obtain work visas;
  3. non-EU students, researchers and even religious workers coming to Italy for determined periods of time;
  4. foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Italy based on the Golden Visa Scheme developed by the government;
  5. foreign citizens who want to obtain permanent residence visas in Italy, as well as those seeking to move here with their families;
  6. refugees who benefit from a special status in Italy and who are subject to different requirements.

All categories of immigrants can rely on our expat support, and all they need to do is get in touch with our Italian lawyers and explain their cases.

Types of Italian visas we can help you obtain

The Italian immigration legislation is quite extensive in terms of visas a foreigner can apply for. In order to simplify the choice of applicants, we encourage them to select among temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits and special categories of visas. In order to help a candidate, he or she will need to explain to us the exact reason they want to immigrate to Italy. Based on the information obtained, we can explain them the documents they need to prepare if any special requirements apply in their case and how to prepare for the visa interview.

The following types of visas can be obtained with the help of our expat support services in Italy:
  • employment visas;
  • self-employment visas;
  • family reunification visas;
  • Schengen visas;
  • research visas;
  • student visas.

For other types of visas you can obtain with the help of our immigration lawyers in Italy, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and explain to us your requirements.

Expat support in obtaining citizenship in Italy

It is not uncommon for foreign citizens who have immigrated to Italy to consider applying for citizenship, however, the procedure can be quite lengthy and complicated. This is where our expat support for immigrating to Italy can be of help. We can help you prepare all the documents you need to submit with the Ministry of Interior in Italy.  Obtaining citizenship in Italy implies knowing the Italian legislation, submitting evidence of a good integration in the society and many other requirements. With the help of our immigration lawyers in Italy, the procedure can be less complicated.

No matter the immigration option you decide for, here is how our expat support services can be of help:
  • advice in order to prepare for the interview with the Italian authorities;
  • verification of all the documents you need to submit in order to obtain the desired visa;
  • assistance in filing the visa documentation and tracking of the processing status;
  • recommendations on what could ease the visa application procedure.

Here is what you should know about obtaining various types of visas for Italy:
  • the validity of your passport at the time of the application should be at least 3 months;
  • health insurance is required before arriving in Italy and the minimum medical expenses it should cover for the entire Schengen area is 30,000 euros;
  • the temporary residence permit has a minimum validity period of 1 year, while the permanent residence is valid for 5 years;
  • in certain cases, a bank account statement no older than 6 months must be submitted when coming to Italy for business purposes.

For personalized expat support for immigrating to Italy, please contact our lawyers.