How to Immigrate to Italy as a Businessman

Updated on Friday 15th January 2021

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How to Immigrate to Italy as a Businessman Image
Foreign citizens interested in immigrating to Italy have various reasons for relocating here. Some of them want to move to Italy as individuals who want to live and work here, while some of them want to immigrate to Italy as businessmen. The latter category of immigrants has increased substantially in the last few years, considering the government has enabled various programs for foreigners interested in immigrating to Italy for business purposes.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Italy provide information on all the ways in which a foreign citizen can immigrate to Italy as a businessman and obtain a golden visa. You can rely on us for a wide variety of immigration services in Italy. We can also help you apply for Italian citizenship.

Visas for foreigners immigrating to Italy as businesspersons

At first, we would like to mention the EU citizens are not required to apply for any type of business visa if they want to start a company in Italy. The following types of businesses visas are available for non-EU citizens who want to immigrate to Italy:
  1.           the entrepreneur visa is the simplest type of visa a foreign citizen can apply for;
  2.           the Startup Visa program is a scheme developed for foreigners interested in doing business here;
  3.           the self-employment visa is another way of immigrating to Italy as a businessman;
  4.           the Residency by Investment Scheme allows a foreigner to relocate to Italy and own a business.

Our immigration lawyers in Italy recommend non-EU citizens carefully weigh their options when deciding to move here as businesspersons. At the same time, we can offer detailed information about each type of business visa, including the conditions for a residence permit in Italy in order to make an informed decision. 

How to obtain a business visa for Italy

Foreign citizens from non-EU countries can immigrate to Italy as businessmen provided that they meet one of the following requirements:
  •           they buy an Italian company which has at least 3 years of history and they become employees of that company;
  •           they already have a company in another EU country, and they set up a branch of that company in Italy and become an employee of the branch.

It should be noted that this option is one of the cheapest ways of immigrating to Italy as a businessman. It is also possible for a foreign citizen to come and register a company in Italy. Our specialists in immigration in Italy can offer more information on the requirements of applying for a business visa for Italy.

You can also rely on us when applying for Italian citizenship.

The Startup Visa Program for foreign businessmen immigrating to Italy

One of the most popular ways of immigrating to Italy as a businessman is by accessing the Startup Visa Scheme which is one of the oldest and most popular programs created by the Italian government.

Non-EU citizens who don’t live in Italy can apply for the Startup Visa Scheme provided that:
  •           they open a company which has the headquarter in Italy, however, a branch can also be set up;
  •           the company must have an annual income below the 5 million euros threshold;
  •           the industry the company will operate in is related to innovation or research and development.

Our local immigration lawyers can offer additional information on this program and its requirements. They will also guide you through the process of obtaining a  residence permit in Italy.

Immigrating to Italy as a self-employed individual

The self-employment visa is another way for foreign citizens to immigrate to Italy as businessmen. This type of visa is not granted under any program; therefore, the foreign citizen must conduct the due diligence in order to determine if they can move here based on this business visa.

Among the requirements of the self-employment visa is concluding several contracts with Italian companies under which the foreign citizen offers various services. It is also possible for the foreign businessman to obtain a simple employment visa for entering Italy and then opening a company.

Support in obtaining a business visa in Italy

Through our expat support services, foreign businessmen can immigrate to Italy and set up companies here. They must first obtain a tourist visa under which they can stay in Italy for up to 3 months and thus benefit from assistance offered by our lawyers while enrolling with one of the programs created by the government for businessmen.

Foreign citizens can rely on us for:
  •           assistance in preparing all the documents asked by the authorities for business immigration;
  •           support during the immigration procedure, meaning step-by-step guidance in this process;
  •           advice on how to prepare the business plan and how to present to the authorities;
  •           guidance on how to bring family members for those interested in family reunification.

If you want to immigrate to Italy as a businessman, do not hesitate to contact us for support. We offer prompt services to foreign citizens who want to relocate to Italy.