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Updated on Thursday 04th March 2021

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The immigration regulations in Italy are not complicated, as the legislators have made efforts to ease the procedures which allow foreign citizens to relocate to Italy based on various types of visas. However, the immigration rules are not the same for everybody, many times various treaties and international conventions intervening between countries playing important roles when immigrating to Italy. This is why it is best to request specialized services offered by immigration lawyers in Italy.

With knowledge of both the national legislation and international conventions, our immigration lawyers in Italy will offer personalized assistance to those who want to move to Italy. We can also provide information about obtaining a golden visa for Italy.

Obtain the right type of visa with the help our Italian immigration lawyers

The first step which will have a huge impact on those seeking to immigrate to Italy is deciding for the type of visa they want to relocate here under. Considering the documents and the timeframe for obtaining a visa for Italy are different, having an Italian immigration lawyer who can advise you is essential and can have significant importance when it comes to maximizing your chances for successful immigration.

Here are the types of visas you can obtain in Italy:
  1. the student visa which is quite easy to obtain by foreign students from non-EU countries;
  2. the work permit which enables foreign citizens from non-EU states to move and work in Italy;
  3. the residence permit which can be temporary or permanent and is a good option for those seeking to stay long periods of time in Italy;
  4. the entrepreneur visa which is suitable for foreign citizens seeking a good investment destination;
  5. the elective residence visa which is a great option for foreign citizens seeking to retire to Italy;
  6. the asylum visa which is available for refugees, stateless and oppressed persons seeking to move to a safe country such as Italy.
Our immigration lawyers in Italy can explain the difference between all the types of visas, how to obtain each and every one of them and, most importantly, which one suits best to your situation.

It is important to know that EU citizens do not need a visa to immigrate to Italy, however, they do need to comply with a few legal requirements, such as registration with the police department during the first days from their arrival in the country, which is why discussing with our immigration lawyers is very important in this case.

With the help of our lawyers, the immigration procedure in Italy can be sped up significantly.

The video below provides a short presentation on the legal services provided by our lawyers


Obtain Italian citizenship with specialized assistance

Obtaining a residence permit is the first step to Italian citizenship, however, there are several ways in which an Italian passport can be obtained. Our immigration lawyers in Italy can help those interested in acquiring citizenship in the following ways:
  • by naturalization which is the straightest way of obtaining citizenship in Italy after living here based on a residence permit;
  • by marriage – this is one of the most common ways of obtaining citizenship in Italy after marrying a local;
  • by right – the acquisition of citizenship by right implies having Italian ancestors which requires a lot of research and background verifications;
  • by investment – the Italian Golden Visa Program is one of the most recent schemes enabled by the Italian government for non-EU citizens seeking to immigrate to Italy.
When it comes to obtaining Italian citizenship, our immigration lawyers can help you in preparing all the documents which need to be submitted with the authorities and guide you through every stage of the procedure.

You can freely discuss with our Italian immigration lawyers on every aspect of your case if any particular requirements apply and on what to expect during the process.

Why choose our immigration lawyers in Italy?

When it comes to immigration, it is important to obtain professional advice, and our lawyers in Italy can offer experienced and tailored legal solutions based on your particular case. With years of experience in immigration matters alone, our lawyers have dealt with many cases over the years which have helped them to prepare in offering personalized advice.

We invite you to talk to our team about the reasons you want to relocate to Italy and provide us with information about your background in order to find the best solution for you. We will help you prepare for the interview with the authorities and complete the immigration file with the necessary documents, as requested by the law.

We invite you to contact our immigration lawyers in Italy as soon as you decide to move here and discuss your future plans and find the best type of visa for you.