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Updated on Wednesday 21st April 2021

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A citizenship attorney in Italy is specialized in providing legal advice and legal representation to persons who are interested in the process of obtaining the Italian citizenship. Citizenship can be acquired through several legal means, that are prescribed by the Italian law. If you want to immigrate to Italy for the purpose of ultimately becoming an Italian citizen, you can rely on our team for assistance on the procedure. 

What are the legal means of becoming an Italian citizen?

As a foreigner who is not born from Italian parents on the Italian territory, which automatically grants the right to the Italian citizenship, other legal options are available. This procedure depends on the individual’s personal situation, such as being related to an Italian citizen or simply relocating here on a permanent basis, under a permanent residence permit, which can open the opportunity to apply for the citizenship. Our Italian citizenship attorney has prepared a short description of the main ways of becoming a citizen, as follows:
  • obtaining the Italian citizenship by descent – through this, a person will be entitled to apply for the citizenship as he or she is related to an Italian citizen and in this case, an Italian citizenship jure sanguinis lawyer will provide legal representation;
  • applying for the Italian citizenship by marriage – foreigners who are married with Italian nationals are entitled to become Italian citizens;
  • obtaining the citizenship through naturalization – this applies to foreigners who do not benefit from any particular connection with an Italian citizen (such as the above cases) and who have legally lived here as permanent residents;
  • regaining the Italian citizenship – persons who previously held the Italian citizenship and lost it due to various reasons are entitled to apply for it again;
  • persons who are born on the Italian territory are entitled to receive the Italian citizenship as well. 
Please mind that Italy is one of the European countries which allows a person to hold more than one citizenship, a right granted starting with 1992. Under the previous law, Italian citizens who lived in other countries and who applied for the citizenship of the said countries lost their Italian citizenship and all those who were affected by the regulations of the previous law can easily reclaim it now; our immigration lawyers in Italy can present more details on this specific procedure.  

What are the services of our Italian citizenship jure sanguinis lawyer?

If you address to our Italian citizenship jure sanguinis lawyer it means that you are interested in claiming the citizenship by descent, which means that you have Italian ancestry. If this is the case, our lawyer will request as many details as possible on this matter. Our Italian citizenship jure sanguinis lawyer will have a direct consultation with the client and will present the steps that should be taken for this procedure. 
Our Italian citizenship attorney will present the requirements that have to be met throughout the citizenship application; you must know that our attorney can represent you in the relation with the Italian institutions and will start the procedure on your behalf. Here, a common procedure is to obtain various certificates on the client’s Italian ancestors
You can also expect that our Italian citizenship jure sanguinis lawyer is prepared to provide information on the applicable law and all the regulations regarding this procedure; our Italian citizenship attorney can also intermediate the relation between the client and the Italian courts, as certain documents have to be validated by the said institutions. 

What is the data on the acquisition of citizenship in Italy?

Italy stands out as one of the European countries that has granted the largest number of new citizenships. If you want to immigrate to Italy for citizenship, you must know that in the last years, the country has maintained this position (for instance, in 2016, it was the country with the largest number of new citizens). You can see below some important figures:
  • in 2016, Italy was the 1st country in the European Union (EU) on the issuance of new citizenships, as 201,600 people received the citizenship, with Albanian citizens accounting for the largest share (18.3% of the total citizenships granted that year);
  • in 2019, the total number of new citizenships was lower, of 127,000;
  • in 2019, Italy was the 2nd most important country on the issuance of citizenship at a EU level, after Germany, and it accounted for 18% of the EU citizenship issuance
  • according to Eurostat, in 2019, Italy represented the 5th EU and EFTA country on the acquisition of citizenship per 1,000 persons;
  • in 2019, at a EU level, 85% of the foreigners acquiring the citizenship of EU member states were from non-EU countries. 
If you need to be represented by our Italian citizenship attorney, please contact our team for advice and any other information you may need. Our Italian citizenship jure sanguinis lawyer remains at your disposal if you have Italian ancestry and you want to start this procedure.