Citizenship Lawyer in Italy

Updated on Thursday 14th January 2021

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Moving to Italy has its advantages which is why foreign citizens decide on this country which has created several strategies meant to help immigrants integrate into the local society.
Most foreigners who decide to immigrate to Italy choose to establish themselves here, case in which they need to apply for citizenship.

No matter if you already live or plan to immigrate to this country, a citizenship lawyer in Italy is necessary for guidance in complying with all the steps of relocating here legally.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Italy explain how we can help you make the transition to this new country easier. You can rely on us if you want to apply for Italian citizenship.

Services provided by our Italian citizenship lawyer

Considering that citizenship cannot be acquired right after a foreign citizen enters the country (the exception is available only for those who have Italian ancestors and can obtain citizenship by descent), our immigration lawyer can help with the following:
  1. assistance in applying for visas that enable them to obtain citizenship as soon as possible,
  2. assistance in applying for permanent residence permits with the Italian authorities,
  3. guidance on obtaining Italian citizenship under the national legislation,
  4. legal help in preparing the documents related to obtaining Italian citizenship,
  5. assistance in obtaining citizenship in Italy through the Golden Visa Scheme.

Our citizenship lawyer in Italy has vast experience in dealing with various immigration matters and can help those who need assistance in preparing the documents necessary for obtaining it. You can also count on us for guidance in applying for a residence permit in Italy.

The main ways to obtain citizenship in Italy

There are several ways through which a foreigner can obtain an Italian passport. These are:
  • descent under which a foreign citizen is entitled to Italian citizenship without having to live here,
  • adoption which is an option for those who have been adopted by Italian citizens,
  • permanent residence and marriage which have similar conditions related to living in Italy for specific timeframes,
  • investment which implies making a contribution to the Italian economy and thus targets specific immigrant categories.

Before making a decision on what option you want to rely on, we recommend you seek advice from our Italian citizenship lawyer who can present you with all the conditions associated with each possibility and who can verify your eligibility criteria. 

The conditions associated with Italian citizenship requirements can be explained by our lawyers.

Permanent residence as a means to citizenship in Italy

In order to obtain Italian citizenship, a foreign applicant must first become a permanent resident of this country. For this to happen, a minimum period of living here and a good knowledge of the legislation and Italian language and culture is mandatory.

According to our citizenship lawyer in Italy, this is the safest wat for foreign citizens who want to move here permanently, as this will enable applicants to integrate with the society, meet the language requirements, but most importantly, from a documents point of view, the list is significantly shorter compared to other options.

Our immigration law firm Italy is at your disposal with various other services, among which advice on how to register with the local authorities after moving here as a temporary or permanent resident. The requirements for obtaining a residence permit in Italy will be detailed by our specialists.

How to obtain citizenship by investment in Italy

Like other countries around the world, Italy has a Golden Visa program dedicated to non-EU citizens who want to apply for citizenship in Italy.

The following investment requirements must be met when seeking to immigrate to Italy based on a golden visa:
  • the lowest amount that can be invested is 500,000 euros in a startup business,
  • investments of at least 1,000,000 euros are also available in existing companies or programs created specifically for this program,
  • the purchase of financial instruments (shares, bonds) worth 2,000,000 euros is also an investment option.

Our Italian citizenship lawyer can offer more information on the requirements associated with this program.

Assistance in preparing the documents for Italian immigration

One of the most important steps that need to be carefully executed when immigrating to Italy is the preparation of the documents associated with the procedure of obtaining citizenship.

Our citizenship lawyer in Italy will review the applicant’s status and the type of residence permit help before starting to prepare the paperwork that needs to be submitted with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We remind foreign citizens that in order to obtain Italian citizenship EU citizens must legally live here for 4 years, while the mandatory living requirement is 10 years in the case of non-EU citizens.

For assistance in permanent establishment, please contact our Italian citizenship lawyer.